60 percent without online access

The Global Information Technology report from 2015 made by the World Economic Forum points out that information and communication technology, ICT, is not as distributed or  spread as fast as you might think and many people think.
Half of the world’s population is without mobile phones and 450 million without access to mobile signals. About 90% of the population in low income land and over 60% worldwide are not yet online and the majority of mobile phones are of older date, ie not a smartphone.This number has most likely increased and year after year where we received report in registrered domains, we can see that the numbers increases year by year. 

Why do we mention it and why do we believe that this is of your concern also?

We have the largest online services of communication in the e-mail, driven by a domain name, so with the up above numbers in our mind, we have to look into a time where access to be online will keep on growing and more domains will be registered and the internet grows. More services will appear!

Go wild Go Crazy – where do you see your business within the next 3-5-7 years?
It is time to predict your future and secure your business in a more digital world. 
The internet of things, the internet of physics,  and internet of biologicals.
Everything needs access and many people are also without access – you have access today, do you also have access in the future and do your business have access?

Every good idea starts with a domain and it is easy to get a hold on – it is much harder to get a hold on if someone already has registrered the domain.

                        Dream wild and secure your business

Need help with this exercise let us help you and lets dream BIG together and build a domain strategy that supports your wildest dreams.

    We know that dreams do come true when actions supports it