Since launching Ana Doma in 2009, Pernille Casparsen has distinguished herself by taking a personal approach to domain acquisition and sales. By getting to know the people behind the brands and understanding what’s important to them, Pernille has built long-lasting relationships with a long list of happy clients. Pernille’s extensive experience, hard work, and passion shines through in everything she does – from her effective strategies to the skill with which she executes them. Over the years, her ability to stay on top of an industry in constant change has secured her a position among the top domain professionals in Denmark and beyond.

When she isn’t commanding the world of domains, Pernille enjoys trail running in mountain ranges across the world. Running marathon distances has taught her many things, but most importantly: Staying present while keeping an eye on the big picture, enjoying the process, and knowing that every big journey starts with the smallest step. 

Pernille lives in the capital region of Denmark with her family. 


Mikkel Stolbjerg Johansen 
Administration and business development.

Luna Isabell Casparsen
Sales backup and bookkeeping


“In the domain industry, nothing is certain except change.
Being agile and fast on my feet is one of the benefits of having my own company, and it allows me to create the best solutions for my clients in the ever-changing digital landscape.”

Pernille Casparsen, founder and CEO