Sponsorships and Donations

Ana Doma knows that the world is bigger than domains. We care about taking part in our local community in Copenhagen, but we are also concerned with the world at large. The founder of Ana Doma, Pernille Casparsen, launched a nonprofit herself in 2019, Heart2Heart, which fights to create a world with a bit more balance. This nonprofit has since become one of the organizations that Ana Doma supports with donations on a continuing basis. 

Professional sports and amateur athletics is important to us, and we know that a lot of sports clubs aren’t able to keep going without sponsorships and volunteers. We understand the positive impact these organizations have on local communities, and we truly appreciate the work done by hundreds of volunteers year after year. We want to recognize their effort by supporting them with our donations, and we hope to keep them running for many years to come.

 Here is a list of the organizations Ana Doma proudly supports.

S/I Heart2Heart
Hjorten Idrætsforening
AJAX København A/S
PLAN Børnefonden