All WE need – starts with .US

Get your .US today More than 1400 TopLevel Domain around the world – some made for a specific country,  like .US – but with more than one use – is found very useful in a branding strategy. Domains like,, etc, can be a new way to use domains in your branding strategy. In Scandinavia we see the same picture with .nu (NU=NOW in english, but it is an international domain name for the country, island,  Niue ) and also .AS, African Samoa. .AS is used for a company name followed by .as, because like we see in the US where “INC”, comes after a company name like Coca Cola Inc., MARS Inc. We in Denmark and Norway use AS , and this is why we also see many companies have registrered their .as .NU is more for something which can have to do with the now, like “” etc. Many domains like the up above mentioned can as we shortly have introduced, have different use. This also makes it possible for the marketing department, to use domains for different actions within marketing and create new online business opportunities towards the market. Maybe it is time for you to make a new move in your online branding strategy – it all starts with a great domain!