Brandprotection -Do you have the right team?

Create your strong business protection team!

Implementing a brand strategy is like any other strategy. It takes people and it involves stakeholders, the team, who will secure that the strategy is going to be a succes.  You need top management as well to agree on your brand strategy and make it a part of the business strategy as well. 

Cybersecurity is a big driver for all companies to day.  What will it do to your company if you lost a domain to third party for 6 months, would it have high economical consequences?
Imagine if your business was only driven by a online shop, or your email stop working for 6 months, your webpage did not show etc, which consequences would this have on you?

It is important to have the right team to secure your brands. 

Business top level involvement in business´brandstrategies are increasing and it looks like that we also see a changes within who are involved and a part of the team.

To create a good brand strategy here are a few  questions you can ask:
  • How do you get customers
  • How do we communicate to potential and existings customers,  email marketing, social media etc. 
  • How do we communicate internally
  • Internal digital infrastructure
  • Domain risk profile 
  • The market today and tomorrow
  • Products, today and tomorrow
  • IP rights

It takes time and people to make a good and strong brand protection strategy,  but what will the consequences be if you do it wrong?