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Terms and Conditions: 

  • When choosing Ana Doma’s domain and hosting services, you pay an upfront minimum fee, including a one-year fee. If you would like to do domain registrations or transfers for additional years, maybe 5 or 10, this is possible for some domains. In this case, the yearly fee can be reduced for some domains.
  • Ana Doma offers world wide domain registrations though the registrar ASCIO Technologies Inc, a company owned by TUCOWS Inc. We are also able to include special characters, like language-specific letters, if desired. All registrations are done in accordance with the rules made by the national hostmasters, registrars, ICANN and other governmental organizations within the domain and internet society. 
  • Registration of .se is done in accordance with the rules made by the NIC of .se, IIS.  Ana Doma refers to the general terms and conditions for .nu and .se, which can be found at
  • Ana Doma offers DNS services primarily through ASCIO INC but can place the DNS services
    at any vendor of your choice. 
  • When hiring Ana Doma as an external consultant, you pay a fee per started hour. This also applies to assignments that include transport. You pay for the services after they have been conducted.
  • Ana Doma cannot be held responsible or guarantee the full functionality of domains maintained by Ana Doma if, for instance, you have made changes to DNS yourself through the ASCIO or Curanet DNS portal.
  • Possible price adjustments may occur due to currency changes, price increases from suppliers and other unpredictable events.
  • In case of termination of the business cooperation with Ana Doma, Ana Doma must be notified at least three months before the renewal of the contracts, by email to

Ana Doma and data processor agreement
When choosing Ana Doma ApS as an IT and Domain vendor, we primarily use the IT vendors Curanet A/S and ASCIO Inc. 
as a subcontractor for hosted cloud and DNS services.

We do not store any data of our clients within our company which is why we do not need an agreement and can therefore refer to the data processor agreements we have with our vendors. If you have questions to them, wish to see them, or would like further information about compliance, please contact our CEO Pernille Casparsen by email