Courses and Lectures

General about our courses and lectures 
All our courses and lectures address companies that in general would like to gather more knowledge, understanding and overview of the domain world. Further, the courses target companies that would like to gain knowledge about where it would make the most sense to begin a health check of the company’s domain portfolio.

Course: Introductory course in domains. 
Elementary inclusion course in domains. Who? What? How? 
A brief introduction to the world of domains, in an increasing digital world. 

Some of the subjects we can include in a course

  • The ABC of domains, an object between IT, Marketing and Legal.
  • Legal responsibility for domains.
  • Technical responsibility for domains.
  • DK Hostmaster and other hostmasters around the world.
  • DIFO, Icann, WIPO, WHOIS.
  • The difference between registrant and administrator.
  • It all starts with a domain

3 hours 

Target audience:
People in the fields of marketing, communication, IT, e-commerce, legal and people in charge of business strategy and execution.  

Lecture: Outsourcing of domain management. 
The primary purpose of the lecture is to inform you of what you need to pay special attention to when using a third party to handle your domains? The lecture also includes a brief review of legal rights based on different cases and a quick look into your outsourcing possibilities. 

2 hours

Target group:
This lecture aims at those who have daily responsibility for the companies domains – IT, marketing etc.

For more info in how a course by you can be held, please call at +45.2989 7842 or by mail