CSR strategy

At Ana Doma we have from the beginning believed that a CSR strategy should be a part of our business strategy and we have throughout the years sponsored different projects, and some we still sponsor to this day. 

One of the strategic NGO’s that we support is S/I Heart2Heart. Heart2Heart is a Non-Governmental Organisation with a strong vision of global sharing. 

They believe that what someone has too much, of others may need, and if we can build a bridge between the two, this can be a way of reducing poverty. Furthermore, it could also lead to an increase in health and well-being, reduce waste and increase re-use, etc. The goal that the United Nations has on its list of Sustainable Development Goals, SDG for making the world a better place and a place where there is still room for humans in the future. 

At Ana Doma, we believe that every commercial business has the global responsibility of making an effort to make the world a place with room for us all, also in the future. This is why we sponsor S/I Heart2Heart. You can look up more information about S/I Heart2Heart here.

PS. We know that Heart2Heart is constantly looking for sponsors. You can, by supporting Heart2Hearts work, be a part of saving the globe, in a way that aligns with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. You can contact them directly via their email info@h2h.global