Domain industry first quarter 2020

Every year Verisign INC, the domain holder for .com and .net, share their report that gives us insight in how many domains has been registrered world wide.

Global domain strategy
366.8 million domains registrations first quarter 2020.
366.8 domains are registrered by first quarter of 2020, an increase of 4.5 million domains compared with fourth quarter of 2019 and by year, 14.9 million.

How are their distributed – top ten largest TLDs reported

147.3 million .com 25.1.million .tk 23.6 million .cn 16.4 million .de 13.4 million .net 11.9 million .uk 10 Million .org 6.3 million .icu 5.9 million .nl 5.7 million .ru

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