New domain to the market DOT COMPANY

Domain strategy
Another new gTLD has arrived to the market. DOT COMPANY – With the new gTLD programme released by Icann in 2013, many new options for branding your company and products online, has increased. Maybe it is time to take a view on your domain strategy. We have rebuild domain strategies alone on new gTLDs, where more traditionel names such as .com and .dk, has either been replaced by .global, .international or another gTLD or maybe added on to the excisiting portfolio. NEW DOMAIN TO THE MARKET Lately a new domain has been open to the market, DOT COMPANY. This can be compared to the .biz (business) domain, which was introduced in 2001, except this seems more specific. Good for new branding opportunities, or as a defensive registration, just to protect your brandname. It could also be a way for you to decline which kind of company/business you are in. Example Coaching, your new domain could be This has already been taken, but just to get an idea of possibilities. We can registrer this and many other new gTLDs – send us an email and lets take a look on your options! For more info about ICANNs new gTLD programme, look here