New updates about popular ccTLDS

The latest update from the domain name registry overseeing .ai domain names reveals notable growth in registrations. Approximately 70.000 new registrations since dec 2023.
.ai serves as the country code for Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory located in the Eastern Caribbean

As of today, there are a total of 425,060 registered .ai domains.

– July 2, 2018: 48,272 domains
– January 2, 2019: 62,183 domains
– 2020: 85,596 domains
– July 1, 2021: 123,651 domains
– April 5, 2022: 138,022 domains
– July 20, 2022: 143,737 domains
– June 14, 2023: 248,609 domains
– September 26, 2023: 306,861 domains
– December 20, 2023: 353,928 domains
– April 12, 2024: 425,060 domains

This data indicates a significant expansion, with .ai experiencing a threefold increase in size over the past two years and we believe that it´s popularity of this domain name is attributed to its adoption by artificial intelligence companies. 
Companies like NORDEA, LEGO, Microsoft, APPLE, META etc. has all secured their registration of .ai.

Another domains that has increased as well in registration over the years is .the .co domain.  
The .CO domain was originally designated as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia and managed by Colombian Ministry of Information Technology and Communications. Historically, it was primarily used by entities located in Colombia and had restrictions on who could register it, but in year 2000 this changed and it opened up to the world. The .co domain offers a combination of global recognition, availability, brandability, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to establish a strong online presence and we have seen many big brands secure this domain as well. 

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