The crucial role of domain monitoring

In the dynamic and interconnected world of the internet, a business’s digital identity is inseparable from its domain presence. As businesses expand their online footprint, the need to protect and monitor domain assets becomes increasingly critical. Enter domain monitoring – a proactive approach to safeguarding your digital brand and mitigating potential risks. Understanding Domain Monitoring …

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The domain landscape in a digital world is dynamic

The landscape of domains is undergoing rapid transformations. In recent years, there has been a surge in the introduction of new top-level Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), a multitude of new second-level domains, and third-level Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs). Additionally, ICANN’s initiative to allow an unlimited number of new Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) has further …

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Happy Holidays

In this season of joy and celebration, we would like to send you the warmest Christmas greetings from the entire team at Ana Doma. We deeply appreciate your support and trust throughout the year. May Christmas bring you warmth and joy, and may the new year be filled with exciting opportunities and success. We thank …

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Ensure digital success, Black friday and Cyber Monday

<p>As the excitement builds for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it’s crucial to have every aspect of your online presence optimized – and that includes your domains! Here’s why having your domains in order is key to unlocking a successful holiday shopping season:</p><!–mep-nl–><p><b>1. Reliability and Accessibility:<br></b>Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring a …

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The importance of domainnames

<p>Domain names are crucial to a business. <br>Not only are they the business online brand identity, they are also the online presence of the business. Find here our WHYs.</p><!–mep-nl–><p>1. Branding: A domain name is an important part of a business’s branding strategy. It is the online identity of the business, and it can help establish …

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM US TO YOUWishing you the happiest holidays and a wonderful New Year in 2023!We look forward to continue a good cooperation and to do our best to support you and your business. THANK YOU AND SEE YOU IN 2023


Pernille and Luna will  join the IP conference in Copenhagen Denmark, IP Rettens Dag. Intellectual property (IP) is a important factor for success in international competition. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which often lack the resources and expertise to navigate the complex IP system. It is therefore important to understand …

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