No one is able to predict the future

Even though the domain name is an important part of a business in a world in which, the internet is increasingly more important and the world of digitalization is rising,  we  experience that companies forget to consider and examine their domain name(s), when they make a business plan.  

We are not able to predict a company name change to come or a new brand arising in a world where online activity do not have a break and only move forward.
Maybe if you are a part of the inner circle for the chosen brand you might, but otherwise not really right? 

One thing is that we can get disrupted by other companies in what we do, because they can do it smarter and faster, like Blockbuster and Netflix, but we can also get disrupted /copied for what we do and produce and an easy way to sell these services are online, ecommerce. Your domains become very important, definitely more in the future. The domain names gives you access to your domainspace in cyberspace. You decide what shall be found in that space. 

The steps that a company needs to take to prepare for a strategy for domain names are relatively simple. Furthermore, a domain strategy helps you protect your brands in a digital world and clarify how the legal responsibility should be placed on your domains in the business.

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