Here’s a small selection of companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. 

“Jacobsens Bakery Ltd has used Ana Doma for several years to manage our domain portfolio. We needed a supplier who could handle both the technical operation and renewal aspect of domain management, as well as registration world wide.
By collaborating with Ana Doma, we also ensured our company’s opportunity going forward. As we scale globally, we can add new domains that support our digital presence and business Strategy.

CFO Carsten Jacobsen

“I have been working with Pernille / Ana Doma since 2012 and her service, knowledge, and professionalism has been extremely high and focused. When our organisation needed to build a new domain portfolio, Pernille showed us the way and guided us to a smooth transition. Her passion and knowledge in the field is impressive, but I think what says the most, is the fact that we have been customers of Ana Doma for almost 10 years and we have no plan to change that.”

Rikke Florager, Administrative Director of the Foundation for Environmental Education


Bauer Media ApS used Ana Doma ApS services to facilitate and secure our domain transfer and DNS settings in the new environment as a part of a larger global gathering of domains world wide to one global provider initiated by our HQ. 

It was important to us that we could outsource the proces completely why our choice became ANA DOMA ApS, who was able to fulfill our needs. 
We have been very satisfied with their high focus and effort.” 
Jan Andersen CTO Bauer Media ApS

“We used Ana Doma, Pernille Casparsen, to facilitate courses about domains and domain strategy. Pernille has a very high level of knowledge on the topic, top communication skills, and an amazing generosity which has given her one of the highest evaluations of all our speakers by this date – rated by participants themselves.
I can only give Pernille my 
warmest recommendations.”

Bettina Nøraa Larsen (Original written i Danish)

Christian Roesdahl, Technical Assistant

I am employed in a web division where we frequently need to perform some server-changes. The changes are done by extern technicians assisted by us as “intermediaries”, which sometimes makes it difficult to figure out what is happening in the mails sent back and forth between the technicians,  and why it goes wrong when a given domain does not work after a change in a server. Ana Doma, Pernille Casparsen, started with the basics and told us about who the domain controller in Denmark is, and what happens when you order a Danish domain or a foreign domain. 

On the course we also learnt what happens (and in what files / zones it happens) when you have made a forwarding, or requested a redelegation, as well as what the various terminologies mean.

The course took place in a good and efficient way and Pernille was not afraid to use the whiteboard if a question from one of the participants called for a more detailed explanation. I got the impression that Pernille has a very broad and detailed knowledge on the subject and that she is closely monitoring what happens in the development of the area both in Denmark and abroad.
I can only give Pernille my warmest recommendation as a speaker and a consultant in general. 

The Business Authority decided, besides using Ana Doma’s support on different services within domains , that they also took our course to gain knowledge about how to, optimize their work processes within domains and further understanding of the basic os DNS, Authorities, Registrars etc.