The new gTLDs – what is the status

They are increasing – that is how short we can put it and more and more they get into use. The more we see them the higher value they will get and it will become more normal to us to use.

KPMG got their own new gTLD, pages like, etc, are som of the ares where we see KPMG has build up webpages upon their brand gTLD and not, for instances a .com domain. DHL also got their new gTLD adress;, and Google;

Where we in many ways got our internet domain search habits ending on .com etc., the new gTLDs are of highly use more and more day by day.
The reason for this, can be that they are more specific,  as we also saw it back in early 2000, 2001, 2002 where .biz, .info, .eu, .asia etc. started to arrive. Many companies world wide was very excited by the new domain endings and many companies secured their brand names in these endnings.

We at Ana Doma, also help clients with registration on the new gTLDs.
Here are some examples of the which new gTLDs we have registrered on behalf of clients:

  • .today
  • .eco
  • .global
  • .software
  • .international

Also some of the older, but still newer global TLD endings, 
.eu, .asia .info and .biz domains through the years.

How to define if a new gTLD can be important to your business. :

We recommend that domains like .global, .international, .science, .software and generics endings in general, are important to consider into your domain strategy,  if they should be registrered. To begin with maybe out of your brand protection and IP strategy but also during time to gain higher traffic and awareness towards your webpages and brands.

If you would like to know your options, let us assist you!

New gTLDs that has just arrive and will arrive:


…Again if you would like to know more about your options we will be happy to assist.