We have a buyer of a domain name close to yours!


Right now, we experience that some of our clients here in Denmark, are offered domains, similar to their .dk or .com domain.  DK Hostmaster has also send out warnings that it has nothing to do with them maybe because the providers name are DNS Denmark. The offer comes with an e-mail, where a provider kindly inform them that they have a potentiel buyer of a domain similar their domain,  just another ending. For instance you have registered the domain local-company .dk  and they offer you local-company.net. We have seen this happened before and we have also experience that some domains do get registrered. And this is just how it is. First come first serve  – that is the story with domains and it has always been like this. If you would like to know which domain can be registrered or are open to the market, that has to do with your company name or brand name, give us a call and let us assist you with a domain analysis – 0045.29 89 78 42 or by email info@anadoma.com