We have a vision

Colleagues with a vision
It all starts with a good idea followed by a vision – you have a dream. You start building a business and you also get customers. So far so good….. then it comes to having an email , a webpage  – a COMPANY name. What should be the name of your company….? This can be a hard question to answer and might take a while,  but as soon as you got the name, register the domain name. Then it is back to the vision – your dreams – where does your business go from here. Is it local, global, online etc. ???? In real life we see larger companies have many stores, for instance H&M. We see them all over the world – in real stores where we can walk into from the street and do our shopping and in cyberspace  where we enter from the browser. Domains are the access to your business in cyberspace. The more domains you have the more doors you got to your webpage.  More stores equals more possibilities to have customer that will enter your store and do their shopping. Many domains pointing to your webpage and access to either more knowledge or buying, gives you the same opportunities. When we get questions like: – How many domains should I register? – Should I register all over the world? – What about my products, should I also register them? – Won´t it be very expensive etc… Our answers are:
  1. You should look into your business and be realistic and then also add a little dream towards your business, where do you see your business within the next 5 years?
  2. This answer point you towards which domains you should register
  3. And also if you should register your products names
  4. Maybe, but if your vision comes true – then there is a high risk that someone else in this world, would be very interested in your domains, selling your products and therefor register your brand names so they can be found online etc.
This is why we though the last 19 years have helped companies with building and maintaining a future-proof domain strategy and we are also ready to assist you with getting yours. Send us an email pc@anadoma.com or give us a call +45.29 89 78 42. We look forward to hear from you